incase you were wondering…

In many ways, contemporary critique is positioned more centrally in the realm of ubiquity – ’emeshed’ if you will, more than embedded. So the psyche- which imagines and invents- feels it has always/already ‘absorbed’ the mechanisms of perception (anatomic or prosthetic) into the mind/body image of self, and contemplates the neural impulses as intimacies, not as theoretic potentials.”



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  1. Whoa, thats heavy.

    I’d like to think that a good art critic has a strong sense of imagination and encourgges audiences tosuspend their disbelief…to open their minds to a narrative in a visual or audio work. I believe too many critics are concerned with “historically correct” notions of art.

    Meanwhile…I just found this online…

    “What is the role of an art critic in Chicago? Or how do you see your role as an art critic in Chicago?

    This is a great question. Of course, at its core, it’s the same as functioning as an art critic anywhere: to look and think as hard as possible. A good textbook definition of criticism is that it is expert opinion printed in an independent venue. The critic should describe, interpret and evaluate, and try to give the artist a verbal voice. Chicago critics also have, I would argue, a special responsibility to address the work done by Chicago artists. Not to the exclusion of all else, it’s good to remind the rest of the world that major artists from everywhere show their work here. But if our local critics don’t write about Chicago artists, who will? This is a great center for contemporary art and artists, and our critics are in an interesting position to inform the rest of the world about it and them.”

    from here:

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