Interviews with Cornish Poets

These pdfs are from an ongoing series of interviews and portraits with poets and writers  who live and work in Cornwall that I have been making for Cornish World Magazine over the last two years.  They also include the ‘Caravanserai‘ Project which co- hosted several writers, artists, and musicians on the Roseland Penninsula.

An Interview with Hedluv and Passman, the ‘Casio Rap’ duo from Redruth

The Caravanserai Project on the Roseland

2 thoughts on “Interviews with Cornish Poets

    • cheers c,
      I think we’re more or less at the quarter century mark of art projects what our pre-digi days in the 80’s with Semi Ambulant which i keep promising to digitize, but you know what its like…
      and then Here Nor There our international collective in the 90’s while annie has well documented our more recent collaborative public art projects at her ownwebsite.
      as for the vertical farming, its a good urban solution to limited space, but some hydroponic systems can be quite energy intensive

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