Unspoken Words going out all over

‘Unspoken Words’ The literary comedy radio show that started last year in Falmouth is now in its 27th episode, and goes out on 4 different stations nationally from May 2010 in London, Exeter, Penzance, and Falmouth/Penryn.

First picked up by London’s Resonance FM in February, then Penwith Radio in Penzance in March, the unique comedy show starts going out on Exeter’s Phonic FM from May.Unspoken Words is a regular series of humourous 15 minute episodes that reflect on a single word and what a single word can inspire.

Sometimes it’s a short word like *God*, and sometimes its one with lots more letters. Most episodes are mixed in the studio, but several have been recorded with a live audience. Episode 24 was recorded live in February at one of the *Telltales* evenings held at the Falmouth Townhouse.

Performances of the show, which includes recordings with live audiences are available for bookings.If you’re in the Falmouth/Penryn area tune in to 96.1 FM every Wednesday at 5pm. Alternatively, you can listen online at; www.thesourcefm.co.uk from anywhere in the world.

Broadcast Schedule:

London, Resonance FM 104.1 or www.resonancefm.com Sundays at 8pm.

The Source FM 96.1, or www.thesourcefm.co.uk Wednesdays at 5pm.

Penwith Radio, www.penwithradio.org Thursdays at 9pm

and weekly on Exeter’s Phonic FM beginning in May Phonic FM 106.8, or www.phonic.fm .

Mac Dunlop is also the Poetry Editor of Cornish World Magazine, and co-organizer of the Caravanserai Project on the Roseland Peninsula. Website; http://sparror.cubecinema.com/macdunlop/



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