Jeremy and James jumble jobs and fob off David’s Din-din Doo cooked up to get the BSkyB bid through

oh jeremy ,

you’re  temporarily

in charge of culture

and contemporarily

conflicting interestedly

with Jamie M’s  testimonestely

Poetical ode the later:

James its such a shame

That the game

Is up on your fame

You shouldn’t have aimed

To gain

From your dad’s name

All the same

It’s plain

You can’t complain –

At least there’s time now

to spend learning how

To improve your golf game.

Limerical ode the older:

NOW Sun James has been put in the frame,

the number is up on his name,

found implicit in hacking,

he may also have been backing,

back handers to police on the game!


There’s a Politoons Exhibition coming up in Falmouth, Cornwall -further information here

Why not get in touch to find out more, and to receive regular toons and limericks with the latest issue of Politoons– Macd’s cartoons that smooth out the bumps along the road of this political life.

Information on Prints, etc can be found here


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