Euro vision no go for party’s over competition oh-oh’s!

“Oh oh oh!” the euro goes
to Azerbaijan for its vision,

where human rights and other flights
of fancy meet derision,

where the Grecians sing
of Olympic rings
harsh bail out conditions,

while the French stick in
their votes for things
less austere and more forgiving,

Where the Irish wish
Jedward will miss
out on winning the competition,

because in point of fact
Europe can’t hack
the expense to back,
hosting next year’s competition!


There’s a Politoons Exhibition on in Falmouth, Cornwall at the moment – more info about that here

Get in touch to find out more, and about the latest issues of Politoons, satire that tries to smooth out the speed bumps and sleeping policemen on the road of this political life.

More information on ‘toons and prints, can be found here


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