QE Jubilee money printing spending spree


We spend-a da money, we make-a da money!

They say, ‘things will get worse
Before they get better’.
They say the Brits will blame anything
on the Queen or the weather.

Did you know the bank of England
Writes the chancellor a letter
when inflation is bigger – and it’s meant to be lesser?

The bank is the government’s kind of ‘quantitative easing’ confessor.

Because inflation can make the nation

Reconsider it’s place in

The race to save face in

A sort of Keynesian re-balancing,
Of the economy
Which means dismantling,
what the debt mountain mandarins
Made with their fiscal shenanigans

So most Europeans are travelling
a tight rope
with the vain hope
that some tinkering and restructuring

of the economic bad management

will stop collaterally damaging
the euro’s more vulnerable governments

who’s plans for development
through democratic provisionment
meant spreading the wealth

amongst the 99% who’ve felt
that if the euro melts

its not really their fault,

A majority now fraught because they find they’re caught

between paying

for something

the bankers did,

and they


did not.


There’s a Politoons Exhibition on in Falmouth, Cornwall at the moment – more info about that here

Get in touch to find out more, and about the latest issues of Politoons, satire that tries to smooth out the speed bumps and sleeping policemen on the road of this political life.

More information on ‘toons and prints, can be found here


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