Does my ego look big in this? A new exhibition

Politoons presents:

“Does my ego look big in this?”

An new exhibition of satirical and political cartoon prints by Mac Dunlop at Expressini, the artisan coffee shop on Killigrew Street in Falmouth

from Wednesday June 27th until Tuesday August 14th, 2012

Open 9 to 5

7 days a week

Admission: Free

Place: Expressini

39 Killigrew Street



TR11 3PW

07890 453705

Mac Dunlop continues to focused his satiri-scope on the fast changing world of politics and world events.  The Falmouth writer and artist best known for his Unspoken Words broadcasts on The Source FM is exhibiting the second in an ongoing series of cartoon prints, this time at Espressini, the artisan coffee shop and deli on Killigrew Street in Falmouth.

‘Politoons’ ?

Politoons is a regular series of MacD’s cartoons that hopes to smooth out the cracks in the uneven paving slabs of life. The artist is based in Falmouth Cornwall, and topics range from local to national and world events.

The Politoons website offers a sample of new cartoons and limericks responding to current national and international events.




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