notes from a wa… I mean banker’s sketchpad

A tale of the Bob with two ‘Eds

Diamond Bob
Went all agog
When the law called out his name

he lost his job,
did Old bob a job
for all his pious claims

“I only did as bankers would”
he said as innocent as he could,
“Sir, I took what money came in then,
I simply made sure
much less went back out again!

So now I find, former friends of mine
Have turned their backs on me,
I’ll have my day in court
Old mates
And you’ll wish you’d never heard of me!


The new exhibition of satirical and political cartoon prints by Mac Dunlop “Does my ego look big in this?” is on show at Expressini, the artisan coffee shop on Killigrew Street in Falmouth from Wednesday June 27th until Tuesday August 14th, 2012

Open 9 to 5

7 days a week


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