Politoons in the news this week- edition 2, November 19th, 2012

Ex deputy, ex attack dog, ex gigolo, ex punchbag, ex old labour, ex new labour ex socialist turned socialite, John Prescott loses the ‘hardly fought and no one turned up to vote anyway’ police commissioner post for Hull and Humberside. Some other party’s ex-pen pusher looking for a well paid job as a yes man won on second votes (don’t ask me, I just work here), and is now preparing to do what he’s told, sack loads of people, and  privatize yet another community service.

So, Prezza the Poundstretcha finds himself back in the dole queue along with millions of others across the country, pondering what a benefit cap is and who one is meant to doff it to.

Meanwhile, the Eurozone continues to unravel its rescue plan, which turns out to be a political tightrope that is just long enough to… well lets just hope for the best.

While Israel shells the shoot out of a narrow strip of beach on the south coast that belongs to someone else, in the hope of popping the clogs of someone who is trying to pop the clogs of said Israelis. (needless to say, the Dutch are furious at this metaphoric misuse of a national symbol)

That’s it for this week. For more, check out volume one of The Cod Philosophy (available from Lulu) with its section on the Political World below.

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