Politoons News edition 3, for the week ending 28th of November 2012

David Beckham is ready for his next big challenge, its not all D and G, and underwear for the greatest well- groomed sportsman who ever lived (in Leytonstone)

As the government announces that a Canadian will take over at the bank of England, and the prime minister returns from agreeing with Germany, the British parliament also returns to the matter of running the country…

Having fought long and hard to give consumers choice, the government decided that there was in the end, too much choice. Energy companies have responded by reducing the choice of different tariffs customers can be ripped off with, and at the same time has made them easier to understand for the modern end user.

In other breaking energy news, the department for employment has joined up some services in some joined up thinking, opening up the jobs market, and beating  UKIP at their own game of demanding the removal of Wind Farms from the Countryside Alliance (sorry that should just read ‘countryside’, full stop). Dispensing with minimum wage, and even living wage concepts, Ian Duncan Smith has announced a brand new work scheme for young people based on the ‘survival wage’ concept currently used in what was once known in the UK as the ‘Third World’, (now known as ‘many deprived areas of Britain’).

Lastly, another UK first, as this group of young British Trick or Treaters won the Scariest Halloween costume  Prize of 2012 with their ingenious disguises…

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