Politoons – limited edition March 6th, 2013

and now a poem to solve the world’s energy needs:

Driveway Fuel

I have a plan to make the world

An even better place

It’s simple but also complicated

Let me first explain the jape

We’ll take the roads, the driveways too

All things tarmac-ed or well oiled

And separate one from the other

To create new energy spoils

Each will need to do their bit

Give up your driveway and replace with grit

Then we’ll fill our tanks with the oil from it

To stay competitive and alive

School playgrounds will be replaced with cinders

“Like the good old days” say retired ex-ministers

A bloody knee and a few coal splinters

Is nothing to what we’ll gain

It’s time to mend and to make do

The end of the world is coming soon

We need self sufficiency in resources to

Improve our economy’s self-reliance

It won’t be easy but when is it ever –

When you live in a country with this kind of weather?

So lets dig for Britain and give up our roads

And let ‘driveway fuel’ solve our energy woes.



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