Introducing a new range of Colouring in books from Politoons

The new Color In a Campsite Book 2013

from the creators of Politoons

A new comb-bound colouring in book especially for camping and caravaning will soon be available at our publishing site.

If you would like to pre-order a copy and get the kids started, or just want some more information, comment here, or get in touch with us at our cards, books and prints page for details

here’s a link to the original Caravanserai campsite of inspiration

and here’s a few drawings from the new 2013 collection:

(size is A4, or 8 x 11″, 20 pages)

you can also now order the newly published ‘Just Dessert’ poetry and colouring book from our distributors here

“Just Dessert” is the new coloring in book from the poet and illustrator Mac Dunlop. It includes a fun, easy to read poem with coloring in drawings using separate pages for each individual line of poetry. An early learning book that touches on the subject of obesity, while making learning to read fun. (recommended age 4 to 7 years, US spelling edition also available)
Price: £3.50 (+pp)
Ships in 3–5 business days

One thought on “Introducing a new range of Colouring in books from Politoons

  1. Do you study this subect all of the time? I really do wish more people would create more articles like this one because most of the blogs online are complete trash. I could have sworn I have been to this site before. Thanks for sharing your information with me.

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