AAA, the 4th emergency credit rating

As the economic dip turned into a double dip, then a triple dip, it now appears to have more ups and downs than a fun ride at Alton Towers. The British Prime Minister took to the airwaves to talk down talk of a downgrade in the UK’s international credit rating. “House Prices, low wages and regular bin collections are far more important than what foreign bankers think of us!” said the PM today on the Sir Marr Tomorrow show (based in an off shore broadcast haven somewhere near the palace of Westminster). “If worse comes to worse, the UK will take out a super injunction to stop all these ratings rumours about our economy which are in danger of spoiling everyone’s fond memories of the London Olympics, let alone the Queen’s speech in 3D!”

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Mr. Marr -biographer-to-the-Queen then asked, “Is a super injunction really the only way forward Prime Minister?”

“You tell me!” replied the PM, with a wink, unable to speak further on the issue due to His Marr’s own super injunction taken out some time ago against the phone hacking Free Press.

Meanwhile credit agencies refused to be drawn on the subject, and so Politoons had to make do with this old drawing instead:


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