Politoons Issue 6, April 7th, 2013

macd politoons logoAndrew Mitchell former conservative whipper-snapper-in-plebian-chief recedes further into the distance as his attempt to ‘de-pleb’ his downing street up-cycling provokes the Independent Police Complaints Commission to say there is no case to answer (unless you want to save time and call it by its acronym the IPCC, in which case, upper case is the answer).

a mitchell tory whip at the gates of downing street by macd

Fears for jobs in America continues to grow as pressure on the congress and the president does not ease up – even quantitatively, forcing the national bank of the pyramid thing with an all seeing eye on it (as seen on every dollar bill) to print more of these green ink images onto paper and distribute it invisibly from everyone’s pocket into the laps of waiting top predator capitalists. (we’re thinking the image of that big slug thing in Star Wars that enslaved Princess Leia, and turned Harrison Ford into stone (the character, not the actor – “Harry, just look like a rock – this scene is made for you!”)

qe us macd

Besides the destruction of the entire structure of the state in the United Kingdom, and the government giving more reasons than ever before for Scotland to vote itself out of a suicidal embrace with mad dogs and Englishmen, Europeans are also questioning why anyone would want to let the Brits have a say in continental economies.

bedroom tax cartoon by macdgeorge osborne and the uk budget by macd

The good news? My nephew and his partner celebrated their love this weekend, and we can all do with some more of that!

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