POLITOONS, issue 6, 20th of April 2013

politoons-MacD-mast-980pxno news broadcast a cartoon by macd Well, the idea of propping up the housing market by having the taxpayer own twenty per cent of the mortgage certainly seems to have legs. Not that houses need legs, nor do they need bubbles – come to think of it, the taxpayer doesn’t need 20% of a bubble either… house-worth-macd-11-01-12

But Politoons is sure that the the chancellor knows what he is doing – we saw him in tears at Maggie’s funera and it was so moving -moving like single mothers are having to do because of the benefit cap – “that’s a lovely cap you’re wearing dear, even if you do live in a cardboard box!” housing austerity in the uk by macd

As George says: “when the IMF and all the ratings agencies think what you’re doing is wrong, you can always blame things on the last government!”

mark carney takes over at the bank of england by macd

Mark Carney takes over at the B of E


Luckily we’ve all caught on to how calling something “satisfactory” just isn’t anymore, so we’ve shifted up our assessment qualifications to “outstanding” being the new “well done you for coping with all the crap we’ve thrown at you”. Mr. Gove has come up with a new idea to deregulate the childminding industry, creating “free nurseries” based on “free schools” (both of which you pay for, one way or another)
caricature of micheal gove by macd

And now government plans are for teachers to work in schools even longer, with reduced holidays, longer school hours and larger class sizes. A dead person with no interest in coming back to life was quoted as saying:

“That should work!” citizenshil tests in the uk by macd

Lastly a tribute to the most famous artist in Britain, who historically hit the headlines with “Two little boys”, here’s an impression of him painting a portrait of the queen:


well that’s it, and a part from saying “please ignore the adverts below” we’ll see you at the next edition



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