Politoons Issue 9: The World of Humour Needs You!

You may think that introducing pornography into the sex education curriculum is an innuendo too far even for the private-eye-zing Michael Gove. Expect his free school philosophy to start incorporating the free love ethos of yester-year, when Jimmy Savile was considered to represent the pinnacle of charitable virtue.caricature of micheal gove by macd


Meanwhile the government has decided to print more money (QE) in order to give it to banks which – said government says – need to raise an extra £25bn. Printing costs to be paid for by the British taxpayer, whose money is losing value in real terms faster than a Formula One team sponsorship deal.

quatitative easing by macd

Facebook was going to launch a phone, a facefone no doubt, but that project has fallen down the back of CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s baggy trousers and needs constant recharging – as does the faltering share options.

Hey Zuckerberg! What's my percentage?

Hey Zuckerberg! What’s my percentage?

Money proves that language is no obstacle as Lord McAlpine wins a libel case against Speaker Bercow’s better half for saying he was trending (fnar fnar!) and for the plainly vicious use of the words ‘innocent face’ between two asscheeks – I mean aster-eeks (oh my *!@%? spell check!)

Meanwhile Ian Duncan Smith has thrown his 53 pounds a week behind the call for a snoopers charter, saying he will consider proposals by the independent “So far right we’ve fallen right off the edge!” lobby group.

ids and creating insecurity by macdIn a nutcase – sorry I mean shell… – IDS is of the opinion that “cheating no good benefit capped scroungers who are good for nothing except being ground down slowly through low paid work until they all fit into a leaky caravan that we can abandon under a motorway flyover” should be penalized even more if they refuse to snoop on their neighbours… in between looking for voluntary work, obviously…eradicate-poverty-macd-sm

So that’s it for another blues – I mean news – update, just remember:macds world of humor

so share, optimize, and give this away for free – it’s one way of getting through the day without breaking into tears, song, laughter, or someone’s house.

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cheers for now! MacD

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