Snail Mail Sale Sucks Union Sting from Labour’s Tail

Ye Olde Royal Mail Sale

a macd philosophy cartoon

378 year old plans to privatize the royal post office and remove the queen’s head have been rubber stamped by government strategists. The minister for scapegoats, Minced Sable said “We’re not going to bother pretending anyone will make a profit from selling this public service, or that the British public will benefit in any way!”. Private delivery firms meanwhile are keen to buy at this ‘off the back of a lorry’ price. Some are already queuing up at the post office, patiently watching flat screen adverts for ‘putting your advert here’ as they wait to get in on a piece of the Great British Sell-Off (as soon as Vince at cashier number three has dealt with some pensioner’s passport application).

Labour Union Confusion

Labour’s non-leadership crisis stumbled onward recently with Ed (no the other one) saying thated miliband labour leader by macd the unions should allow people to opt in rather than out, to which the leader of the Union of the Entire Universe replied ‘In, out, in, out, shake it all about… do I look like I was listening?” After realizing that there was even less chance of making Ed Balls-up leader than there was two years ago. The Unions sighed a collectively bargained sigh of relief, saying ‘Alright Ed, if that’s the way you want it, we’ll keep the money!”

Not Cricket Poetry

Critics had a field day at Lords, giving the latest poem about cricket a caning. “It’s not about being posh and its nothing to do with being middle class, which means that it doesn’t speak to anyone who likes to sit in a deck chair moaning about the weather while pretending to watch someone playing a game over half a mile away!”

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