Leaky gender mix up in military jail leads to imprisoned gas attack’s recall of former dictator in Egypt!

politoons manning case by macd

Labour party-poopers suspected of dropping toxic goss illegally!

ed-mil-imnoinnit-macd_sqsmKids un-exercised by lack of drive says Health minister on photo-op playground slide!the family way cartoon by macd

Femedian fights for funny first at feisty fringe fest!


More tourists visit Britain than people who live here poll suggests!MacD cartoon in indian ink style, ebook coming soon in 2013

Exam boards cheat students as free world free schools silly season results announced!

caricature of micheal gove by macd

Banks invent new illegal insurance to further debit customers credit!an indian ink style cartoon by macd with a business theme

Spanish cops dive into uncharted waters to study concrete blocks near rock!mad men by macd

That’s all your politoons news headlines for this week

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macds world of humor

all text and images © M. Dunlop 2013

cheers, macd


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