Politoons education and technology supplement, 21st October 2013

Education Mogul Michael Gove has trouble explaining his education philosophy “I Got, therefore I Gove”.

As the government education inspectorate OFSTED embarks on a new program of grading entire schools on the basis of having no qualifications whatsover in order to qualify for state support, one school spokesperson said that the problem could become worse in the future, suggesting that there may not be enough people left in the education system literate enough to read damning OFSTED reports in the first place.


Cost of Living cheaper for Robots!

Meanwhile modern shoppers are faced with a rising cost of living that means they are now competing for consumer space with robots and machines.  “It is now cheaper in some areas of the country to be a machine than it is to be human beings” said an automated supermarket cashier yesterday.  Robots can reduce their energy costs in ways that modern humans find difficult, and save on water use in several comparison studies undertaken by the government who hope to bring new cyborg constituencies online in time for the next election.


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