Toronto Mayor fails in political suicide attempt

With the city raging in a cauldron of animosity that has been brewing since halloween, Toronto’s mayor Rob “Cranked’ Ford has placed himself at the center of a controversy over drug abuse, criminal activity and stupidity that makes Al Capone look like a town hall librarian.

Extortion, drug addiction, and using his phone while driving have all contributed to Mayor Ford’s increasing popularity, even though he has already been removed from office once already! Being put back in again, Ford has had to try even harder to be removed, and in doing so has only managed to increase his poll ratings!rob-ford-monkey-macd-sm

So here’s some advice kids: don’t worry about whether you inhale or not when considering a life in politics. Go for the ‘gee I haven’t tried that one yet’ candy store approach to addiction that has propelled a drug dealing gang leader to municipal office. Doing drugs and getting drunk can get you elected to the job of running the 4th largest city in North America!

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