Twitter makes $stock float as punters take #flutter!

twitter-float-macd-sm“Less is more! tweeted the lizards that keep the global economy afloat on the back of a turtle swimming in the sea of forever” said a world economist yesterday referring to their own postings on #twitPLC™.

(BTW, beware copyright infringement for just saying the word “tweet” out loud let alone writing it down) “Don’t publish that post until our lawyers have had a good look at it!” Said the editor this morning, before realizing we can’t afford a lawyer, nor can we afford to win such a lawsuit, as we’d have to pay all the costs anyway…

Besides, CONTENT IS FREE! and no one buys anything except Rolling Stones merchandise and old Beatles paraphenalia -unless you’ve found a hidden stash of Degenerate art in Germany recently.  And don’t expect a wi-fi connection unless you can leave the country disguised in a burka having removed the electronic tag you were awarded for being curious about jihad porn on an MI5 sponsored search engine.


Still, what’s important is that someone made a #%!*!Loadofmoney out of nothing again this week, as international businesses look to upstart start-ups to fuel their offshore tax haven investment portfolios.

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