50th anniversary of nostalgic assassination and near nuclear armageddon

Today, with so many momentus 50th anniversary occasions taking place – from Dead Kennedys to Dr. Whose – Politoons has decided to wreak it’s own devastating sense of nostalgia on the world of remembrance.

So here is a link to the extended sound byte known as HUMANITIES HISTORIES, a tuneful glow in the firmament of musical nostalgia and poetic injustice!

Humanities Historiesa MacD pencil sketch

The whole race
Like duty free
Primordial ooze
Snuck through customs
On a booze cruise…

Along with a few un-anniversarial toons below:

Nuclear Treaty draws closer!

While the US Secretary of state for foreigners drives into town to buy some chocolates for his wife, the talks continue as to how best enrich the world’s understanding of Persian Culture, and its right to better quality uranium for peace and parity with existing nuclear powers.


Proxy war in middle-aged east continues!

Israel and the House of Saud have becomes strange bedfellows as they find themselves on the same side of the table in relation to Persia Power, and who’s backing who in Syria.  While President Assad has had little to say on the Hom front, there has been a great deal of argument between the People’s Front of Syria, and the Syrian People’s Front.  Not to say that war is in any way funny, when tens of thousands have been killed, millions displaced by conflict and civil war is being funded by foreign governments on either side of the struggle. (if you were expecting a punchline, I’m afraid you’re reading the wrong script)


Don’t forget to enter our cartoon caption contest judging begins at the end of the month!

Goodbye from Politoons for now – until the next thing someone decides is worth remembering!


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