The Radio Politoons Audio Archives

The Radio Politoons Audio Archive is online and ready for your audio pleasure.on the phone by macd
We will feature a different sit-com short each week from this talking stories library of one to five minute monologues.
In the meantime, you can wander through this library of spoken things, and pick up a few thoughts for the journey home.

Here’s this first week’s example of ‘audio writing’ (where improvisation and radio production techniques are used to write the final work – rather than pen and paper, or keyboard and screen).

wifi hell by macdThe Queue – a long weekend at the festival turns into a long wait at the portable toilets

There’s plenty more to ear-browse your way through!

follow Politoons and Radio Politoons for regular updates, or leave a comment below, it’s always good to hear what you think, and


macds world of humor

if you want to commission or purchase anything, do get in touch using the comment box below.

cheers, macd

(all text and images © M. Dunlop 2013)


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