Green tax cash back is set back for those in poverty trap

Politoons update, 1-12-13

politoons-MacD-mast-980pxWorking for benefits seen as a benefit for people who work for their benefits!

eradicate-poverty-macd-smPeople who once thought that only getting a job would get them out of the poverty trap have been told that they will be charged for being in the poverty trap to begin with. Based on the perceived success of the Bedroom Tax – or the “spare room theory of extinction” as it is know at the Department of Work and Pensions – people in poverty must agree to pay a monthly charge out of whatever benefits they are eligible for if they insist on remaining poor. While leading government figures point the finger at immigrants and disloyal scottish people bent on destroying the empire, ministers without ports-in-a-storm are working behind the scenes to ensure no more lifeboats are left hanging over the side as we approach the iceberg of austerity, somewhere near the coast of Pain.


Environmentally, I’d say we’re FC-UKed!

says a leading calamity expert at a climate conference attended by 24,000 scientists, that the media pretended not to notice was going on recently.”Research shows that our entire economic paradigm is a threat to ecological stability.”20120914-172843.jpg

The British government has decided to take action by halving the implementation of energy saving projects aimed at the poorest energy users in the country, and using the word “crap” to describe any environmental action which doesn’t throw profits at the big 6 energy providers, while threatening the Levenson sanctioned information distribution agencies with a government clampdown if they don’t distribute more ‘adver-mation” – to give big business the leg over it needs in the this country to keep the home fires burning! (in the future anyone with a chimney and their own woodland to harvest will be laughing all the way to the online bit coin casinos).

Will the last person to leave the country try to switch on the lights, while ringing their energy supplier to ask for a cheaper deal?

david cameron british prime minister by macdHey, don’t worry! Just because “some climate scientists are a little spooked by the radical implications of even their own research.” That doesn’t mean we all have to be!

After all, “Most of them were just quietly doing their work measuring ice cores, running global climate models and studying ocean acidification, only to discover, as the Australian climate expert and author Clive Hamilton puts it, that they “were unwittingly destabilising the political and social order”. Which means, that while things are FC-UKed, even climate scientists feel “we’re all in this together!”

(so let’s all snuggle up and try to keep each other warm!)

obsession-man-29-01-12macdQ: “Did you see that disaster movie last night?”

A:”Wasn’t that the six o’clock news?”

that’s it for today’s Politoons update

cheery bye! x MacD

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