#1 Politoons Cartoon Caption Winner


Cartoon Caption Contest Winner announced!on the phone by macd

First, a big thanks from Politoons to everyone who sent in their well thought through one liner.

Entries came from far and wide, and because the quality was so high, judging was difficult, so we decided to list four runners up and one overall winner.

After making as much of a big deal out of a great deal of soul searching as could be made (sleepless nights, hours of agonizing, sweat, blood, tears – not necessarily in that order…) the task of honing entries has been truly honed.

So first, here’s the shortlist of runners up:cartoon-cats-capt-macd-sm

from Chris: “Claws 2 Ready with the mouse”  – a little political perhaps? That’s the sort of thing we often go for at Politoons (we try to do exactly what it says on the tin!)

“Sorry I’m not living up to your expectations.” from drms – a nice twist balancing the wild and the everyday. ( actually, I suppose the ‘wild’ is everyday too?)

or Tom’s “Tiger, have you seen the mouse?” – ah the absent mouse! “The devil’s in the detail” as they say!

Then again, Dom, waxed more pragmatically about our modern -if a little distant- relationship with the natural world :

“What’s this about Monbiot’s “re-wilding” course? I’ll rip your throat out if you send me on that!”

Last but not least, Sheena proposed “That’s funny, my mouse was here yesterday … You have been imitating art again haven’t you, you little fur-ball?” drawing inspiration from elements of the drawing itself. (which is kind of the point I guess!)

And so thanks to everyone who took the time to think of a line, it’s been a joy to read them all. Hope you’re all feeling inspired enough to take part in the next Caption Contest that will be start tomorrow, and run over the Holiday Season!

But we had to stop somewhere, so just outside of Toledo… no, seriously: the winner of the first ever Politoons Cartoon Caption Contest is:

Alysa Golden’s  simple: “It’s spelled F.O.O.D.”

(Alysa has obviously been observing domesticated felines for many years)

It's spelled "F.O.O.D".

politoons caption contest winner!

So well, done Alysa!

Your signed cartoon print with winning caption is already winging its way to you by recently privatized postal service.

follow Politoons and Radio Politoons for regular updates, or leave a comment below, it’s always good to hear what you think, and


macds world of humor

if you want to commission or purchase anything, do get in touch using the comment box above.

cheers, macd

(all text and images © M. Dunlop 2013)


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