The Second Politoons Cartoon Caption Contest

on the phone by macd

Welcome to


2nd Cartoon Caption Contest!

With the success of Alysa Golden’s award winning caption still making the typists quiver with excitement here at Politoons, it’s time to throw a fresh visual enigma out into the world wide web of wonder!  We’d also like to than the runner’s up from that very first Caption contest too.

So, here’s a fresh Modern Meme cartoon waiting for the right caption.woman-man-tyres-macd-sm

Let your imagination run wild and see what you come up with!

Just enter your name, email and caption in the comment or contact boxes below and show us  your funny side!

(click on the image to enlarge)

the winner will receive a signed glicee print of this cartoon complete with their winning caption, so good luck!

(if you want to know more about other cartoon caption competitions , try these: the new yorker, the boston globe, the humor times politoons very first caption contest

you can follow Politoons by clicking on the Follow button or RSS feed option on the right of your screen


macds world of humor

and if you want to or purchase anything, or have any questions or comments, do get in touch

thanks for checking out the Politoons Second Cartoon Caption Challenge! cheers, macd


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