Announcing the results of the 2nd Cartoon Caption Contest!

politoons-masthead1120x2521.jpgCaption Contest Winner!

After much debating and gnashing of teeth by a panel of judges (who spent more time arguing about the method used to rate the contest entries than about the entries themselves!) the winner of the 2nd Politoon Caption Contest is:

S. Campbell

click on the image to view the winning entrytyres-macd-s-campbell-sm

So a signed Glicee print is on its way to the winner as we speak! (actually, that should be “as you read” technically…)

There were also two runners up,

Chris I’s for his:

“Just Overalls today?”

“I was two tired to put on my vest.”

And Alysa’s:

“You said “casual a-tire” right?”

With an hono(u)rable mention for both Phil’s caption:

“No mum that wasn’t free parking, it was a breakers yard!”

and for Tim’s:

“One’s a spare!”

Thanks to everyone who entered, while we haven’t listed all the contestants, it was a close run thing, and so we live in hope that you’ll keep donating your creative brainpower and come up with something for the 3rd Politoons Caption Contest which will be posted this Tuesday, January 7th, 2014. The eventual winner of a signed print of that cartoon with the winning caption will be announced at the beginning of February.

you can keep up to date with the Caption Contest and other Politoons satire by clicking on the Follow button or RSS feed option on the right of your screen


macds world of humor

and if you want to or purchase anything, signed prints, greeting cards, or a books of cartoons,  just get send us a comment and we’ll get back.

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cheers, macd

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