Earth defers payback until next generation!

The Earth defers payback for abusing the planet until the next generation!antarctic-dump-macd-sm

Not content with quantitatively easing the worries of today into the shortened purse strings of tomorrow, the collective decision making of the entire world has punted the problems of today down the line to be solved by future humans, (sometimes referred to as “children”). “They will be much better prepared to take the tough decisions necessary because we bottled it when it was our turn!” Said a leader of the free™ world at a news conference held on the melting ice pack of Antarctica, surrounded by some stuffed penguins in order to maximize web exposure through news agencies controlled by advert-bots that seek out stupid pictures of cute animals to surround with banner ads.

With the world coming to an end as we know it, the generation that could actually do something has been in hibernation since 1979. Most sleep in the vain hope that when they awake they won’t see their shadow, and a pair of Goggle glasses will have magically appeared on their nose so they can record everything that happens to them – uploading it onto a free server that uses the average fuel consumption of a developing nation to keep its processors cool enough to display targeted ads all over your “I’ve recorded everything” history of this all too brief moment of existence.bubble-gum-macd-sm

“Business is good for business!” said a leading business expert employed by the government to expand the business market for internship labour in businesses around the busy country.

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