Winner of the 3rd Politoon Caption Contest Announced!

politoons-new-logo1-940-198-72Finally, the Politoons finals have been finalized and the finalists fined down to the final one!

Many oblique references have been mapped in the uncharted territory of humor, with spelling a significant factor in communicating the winning entry to the entire world – whose eyes – peace be upon them – have it!

to refresh your memory, here’s the toon: knicker-skirt-cap3-macd-sm

and the runners-up in this marathon 3rd caption contest are:

‘I just don’t think he is what he is cracked up to be.’

a cheeky one from Sheena,

Its fashion – or am I on crack?’

a between the cheeks from Jo

‘He didn’t even crack a smile.’

a turn the other cheek from Alysa

Butt(!) the winner of the  3rd Politoon caption contest, without hesitation, deviation or constipation is Tim C with his caption:

‘that reminds me, I have to call a plumber.’

3rd-caption-winner-mdSo, congrats Tim, we’ll get that special Glicee print with your caption sent out to you ASAP!

And don’t forget about the up and coming Politoons Exhibition “The Enigma Deviations” in March, at Jam Records in Falmouth find out more here

Let us know what you think, or get in touch if you want to find out more about how cartoons can save the world!

One thought on “Winner of the 3rd Politoon Caption Contest Announced!

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