The 4th Politoons Caption Contest


With nerves a janglin’ and hearts a pumpin’ it’s time for lift off with the write stuff!

Pass the pencil, jotting pad and predictive text touch pads to release your inner funny bone! Here’s the Cartoon in search of a Caption:dog-bus-stop-macd-sm

The winner will receive a signed glicee print of this cartoon complete with their winning caption, so good luck to everyone!

here’s an honours list of

Previous Contest Winners

contest #3 was a tough battle of the one liners, but Tim from Antioch, Illinois in the good ol’ USA came through in the end with this little number:

3rd-caption-winner-mdthen there’s Steve from London, UK who parked his words on the double lines in contest #2


and the #1 Politoons contest was heralded as an unqualified success when Alysa all the way from Toronto CA  made the typists quiver with excitement here at Politoons. woman-cat-macd-ag-capt-sm

Check out all the winners, runners up from the previous contests here in the caption contest archives.

And so, to Enter:

Simply enter your name, email, and caption for the 3rd contest cartoon in the comment or contact boxes below.

For Further Research have a look at some of these links

Some ‘thoughts on cartooning’ from the Politoons art desk can be found here, and if you want to know more about other cartoon caption competitions , try these: the new yorker, the boston globe, the humor times politoons very first caption contest

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macds world of humor

and if you want to find out more, or purchase anything, or have a question or comment, do get in touch

thanks for checking out the Third Politoons  Cartoon Caption Challenge! cheers, macd

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