From the back of beyond

Hi! I face tweeted the bebo we googled and amazoned u an orange apple blackberry app for tumblr that makes it easier to search for eye candy crowdsourcing of flash mobbed downloads on eBay. So I ‘/#’d’ it for you and took a selfie of the touchscreen pasted it to your inbox and had to resend it because of yur spam filter. Then the server was down, I had low battery with no charge cable so I mms-ed it to ur fone think it’s special offer – I only get one free if you and 9 others do the online q and a – can I bcc your email list? I saved it that time you put everyone in the subject field by mistake. I’ve sent them stuff before but as I might win something this time I thought I should tell you. :)

“What about the Cartoon Caption Contest?” I hear you say, even as the earth warms uncomfortably, shifting in its celestial seat.
Well, here’s the Cartoon in search of a Caption:dog-bus-stop-macd-sm

Don’t forget to check out and into The Enigma Deviations at Jam Records in Falmouth, on show until April 30th.

And there’s a whole heap a’ entries, but still a few days left.
Winning announcement at the end of the week.
Sorry about the delay folks, the ed’s been working on a short film- um, still i’s actually – so what the hey am I doing here! Gotta go, director’s cut on the clipboard! Xmacd


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