Politoons – the second coming or ‘rehash’ issue, and cartoon competition results!

Breaking News: Graffiti Art found on Street as opposed to inside Museums!politoons-new-logo1-940-198-72

A Bansky artwork was stolen by it’s owners and its USP doubled in size overnight as predictive texts around the world broke down causing #/ tweeting chaos!

Ban Kee moon, Badly, Bradley, and even Chelsea (as in Manning) kept cropping up in insipid but stupidly popular twitter feeds about art litter, as smart phones continue to dumb down in price toward their lowest common denominator (which in computer binary code means nothing)politoons manning case by macd

Ukraine train of thought derailed by Ethnical-ist times table Divisionspolitoons-new-logo1-940-198-pink-72

Meanwhile in trade talks between the US Empire and the Russian Re-Tsarist Movement, similar graffiti art by glorified cartoonists has become a bargaining chip in the increasingly heated debate about what to do with the Ukraine (both sides being afraid to ask Ukrainians what to do for fear of what they might think).putin and the hobby horse

The New Society is the Old Social Darwinismpolitoons-new-logo1-940-198-green-72citizenshil tests in the uk by macd

The British government has slashed, burned – and now effectively made extinct – support funding for disabled students in higher education, saying that Universities as opposed to society should foot the bill. “There is no such thing as society!” said several dead ghosts of Tories past, along with the minister for rubbish collections and faith-based elitism who went on to explain ““society” cannot pay for anything because “society” simply does not exist! Besides which, this government wasn’t not elected in order to make one!” The Rubbish Minister promptly left the room with a smug look on his faeces, and prepared for his next encounter with the domesticated media: a press conference on the subject of shooting people who might be immigrants. A plan the government is proposing in order to alleviate the Arrivals and Departures crisis currently taking place at Heathrow Airport.

mad men by macd

Music News is the same as it was 40 years ago study finds!


Aging rock stars turned out in force to deny, and then confirm, rumours that they would be headlining at Glastonbury Festival this year. Some threatening to come out of retirement, and others threatening to return from the dead (This is understood to refer to the “Grateful Dead” a San Franciscan free love band famous for powerful rock ballads such as “Drums in Space” who managed to continue living like hippies well into the 21st century)

Bad Hair Day causes International Interventionismnext-of-kim-macd-21-12-11webpolitoons-new-logo1-940-198-pink-72

World leader’s selfie culture took on a new look this week as holograms of Kim Il Sun’s son, Kim Il Schlemiel appeared in Hair salons across Britain. Ambassadors for the smallest nuclear power in Korea duly arrived at the stylists shop in force, requesting pudding bowl cuts and some hair gel before insisting that the hologram of their great leader be removed from the cutting room floor (a common editing process in the North Korean countryside, where cuts and removal have different connotations)

The good news is that the Politoons exhibition of cartoons and sound continues at Jam Records in Falmouth UK until April 30th, and you can order any cartoon you like as a glicee print or on a dishwasher safe coffee cup for £10! (+p&p)IMG_1956

So get in touch to get that special something for that special someone on that special someday from this special somewhere today!


And finally after much deliberation, hesitation, and repetition, we are able to announce the winner of the 4th Politoons Cartoon competition*!

(see below)

*sorry about the delay, it took a while before the brain transplant became fully functional, and kicking the crystal meths addiction took a bit longer than I had previously thought – my (breaking) bad.

We had some great lines from Tim,

“What, you act like you’ve never seen a mobile home before!”


“Now, that’s what I call rent control!”

with a wry comment on the state of modern art from the artist Chris,

“If he can draw a dog, why can’t he do heads?”

so the choice was difficult, and thank you to all who took the time to send in your brilliant ideas, but the final winner of competition #4 is PG’s,

“Nobody was impressed by Fido’s tortoise impression”

Nobody was impressed by Fido's tortoise impression

Nobody was impressed by Fido’s tortoise impression



Editor in Mischief



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