POlitOOns- notes on the political new wave

politoons-new-logo1-940-198-green-72I’m working on a new theory of politics. It’s called Bolloxism. Every time someone says something racist, sexist, greedy, stupid, inane, anti-immigrant, I ask them: “Are you voting Bollox this year?”

Having survived an air crash a few years ago, Nigel Effarage failed to survive an on air car crash interview recently in London, a city so large it can hardly fit in his mouth.farage-macd

In other news a football team who likes red won its first anything for years, long after most people had given up worrying about it. The trophy will go toward attracting more businesses to part with their tax exempt profits and emblazon their logos across the chests of the best male legs in the country ( apart from cyclists of course, whose legs stand out more due to regular shaving and rub downs.)footy-win-or-lose-macd-sm

With nothing left to do except pretend to enjoy the heat and mumble Rhubarb Rhubarb if anyone tries to talk about climate change, people across the country are ready to describe anyone who isn’t like them as not British enough to carry pictures of the queen in their back pockets. A trick of making people part with their money learned from private industry which is now invading the public service arena of protecting vulnerable children. Private corporations like the idea of profiting from the fates of families and paying company bonuses or dividends to shareholders in one giant shovel full of Bollox.

two office workers, one says to the other "Zero hours? Cool! when is zero hour? Shall we synchronize watches?"

Then they’ll send tax payers money to offshore multinational headquarters where companies have their postal head office. Sorry, what’s that? Oh, they keep their head offices here because they don’t have to pay any tax in the UK? Then I do apologize, I should have just said: “send tax payers money off to multinational companies – full stop!”





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