Poll Position with Poetry 24


a recent Politoon posting on Poetry 24 – the 24 hour News is the Muse website!*

“a pithy response to this week’s election results and the announcement by Nigel Farage that he and UKIP candidates will be ‘serious players’ at the forthcoming general election.  Here at Poetry24 we extend our thanks to Mac for choosing to submit his work here. Nasty Farage, however, is quite a different matter and we hope to be seeing much less of him soon.”

Poll Position

Other people seem to have followed me in here,
it must be the odd job notice – I put myself down
for anything these days.
MEP? Me? Well, sure!
As long as I don’t have to vote or anything.
Future King? Hell, yeah! The odd gaff about dictators
and lording it over all of Cornwall notwithstanding.
I could have a go at sorting out the schools,
cops, unemployment – that isn’t working, I get that –
and foreign policy, something I understand
we don’t “do” here… Hey, tell you what,
give me your name and postcode, and I”ll drop by with a free quote.
We can discuss how everything is getting worse
alongside the “no politicians” sign on your letterbox.

© Mac Dunlop

*Poetry24 was founded in early 2011 by Hampshire-based former columnist Martin Hodges and Merseyside performance poet Clare Kirwan. The aim was simple: to publish news-related or topical poetry that reflects what’s happening in the world, or current affairs.The idea was partly inspired by a response to a poem written by Martin. A fellow-blogger commented: “I am reading your words and at the same time watching the News24 reports from Cairo and thinking you might have invented Poetry24.”Since then, nearly 800 poems have been published on the site from around the world, often within hours or days of having been written, providing a unique poetic response to the news as it happens.


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