Politoons Och Aye The Newz! for September 18th, 2014




Referendum Today!

The worst political scenario may come into being today as north of the bord-arians go on trial in a test of strength to decide their uncertain future. Political leaders across the spectrum are ranging from angry – red – to envious – green – while those on the left are feeling a little blue.  The problem with anti-christ legislation has heaved the disputes over troubled waters back into the eye of the storm today, as seamstresses argue over the eye of a needle left in a haystack overnight that a camel passed water through in time for the next election.

World Leader Newsworld-leader-camp-macd2011

President Obamathon now in the salad days of office has found his time as a ‘world leader’ to be blessed with overreactive elements within his administration – like phosphorous which is fine until it comes into contact with water. While ISIS the Egyptian god of something – but not pyramids – has decided to take over a bit of this country and a bit of that one, creating new borders along lines drawn in the sand by water courses long before people discovered chalk and boards, and had to ask permission to go to the toilet.

Shut your mouth?when the wind blows-macd

Meanwhile the world of dentistry has been up in flames about the use of hot water to wash out mouths during the rinse cycle.  They say they want their clients to ‘spit it out’  over charges that they overcharge in their millions for just having a look – saying everything is fine and demanding you to return with some more money in six months time if you don’t want your face to fall off.

politoons-new-logo1-940-198-blue-smCycling Wetware

While in sport news,  a group of women woke up to the exploitation being meted out to them by their own cycling federation. Their new national uniforms include evening gowns and stiletto heeled cycling shoes. The expectation being that they will compete using the ‘side-saddle’ technique favoured by English costume dramas, and made famous by Queen Victoria in that film starring a Scottish comedian.

Comms Giants Junk Test!

wifi hell by macdEmail account holders woke up with a shock today to find their spam folders empty, and no junk mail in their in boxes.  Communication giants YaFU, BotMail, and Amazathon admitted that a technical error meant that for the first time since the internet was discovered millions of users did not receive unwanted mail.  Many have since complained, suggesting that unwanted email is their only link to the outside world, and are threatening to litigate against companies that fail to maintain a reasonable supply of unwelcome solicitations.

sleeping-man-macd-smpolitoons-new-logo1-940-198-pink-72Politoons Caption Contest Number 5!

This slumbering thought may ly like a sleeper -dormant for years then suddenly wake up with a…?

So what’s your take on this out-take from the Politoon Drawing drawers?

Ah, it’s good to be back!








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