Politoonz issooz week ending 27-9-14

politoons-new-logo1-940-198-blue-smdavid cameron british prime minister by macdPM rises to address imminent AM issues

News of the prime minister having gone somewhere or other to talk about climate change has been declared idle gossip spread by idlers who should be out there working. “Armchair bloggers should get a real job in journalism, then they’d find out what it’s really like to sit around all day waiting for something to happen!” said a sitting MP queuing to be whipped on the government benches.

London’s Gurning!poverty being a state of mind by macd
Squeaky trolleys have been outlawed in parts of London, as the Mayor’s new whist drive to create no go areas for anything with four wheels has taken off in a way that his plans for an airport haven’t. “This is not the time for unfit shopping trolleys and ones with duff wheels to be littering the shiny streets of the nation’s capital – by which I mean the financial district.” Said the wannabe MP from a hair salon chair in Leicester Square yesterday.

Lit Mad World Gets More Literary!lady-twerk-macd-tango-sm
The world of poetry has lauded a new collection inspired by the government focus on the national happiness index. a poet has decided that Happiness that would make the perfect title for their new collection on musings about existence as they watch people queue outside food banks.

His Story is all about Her!on the phone by macd
In other literary news, a famous fictional historian has been accused of bigotry for fantasizing about assassinating historical figures. “The past is not a playground for historians, it is a series of dates and facts, like 1066 and all that!” said a histrionic other historian, determined to get his facts right before auditioning for mastermind.


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