Politoons Decemberist News (ISIS? what ISIS?) Stop Press: and that new book!

george osborne and the uk budget by macdpolitoons-new-logo1-940-198-blue-sm

George Finds Hole in his pocket!

Chancer-gallor Osborne has got his knickers in a twist of wrapping paper as he sets out his charity stall and budget forecasts for doomsday. Noticing that the world does not look like ending before the next general election, the wizard of Toad Hall has put all his eggs in one basket-case, and sent Danny  “I may be some time” Alexander forth to field all the rotten fruit being thrown at the economic status of Britain.

Opposition finally oppose something!politoons-new-logo1-940-198-pink-72

labour leadership by macdMeanwhile the wagons are circling around the leader of the opposition as he attempts to maximize their strategy for saving the nation.

What shall we do Ed?

Hmm…Nothing, and hope for the best?

Surely we should say something! What about “Immigration control is out of control”?

Hmm…. don’t know Ed…

Tell you what, let’s ask Evette!

(later that same lunch time…)

Honey? I’m home! Sorry to rush, bu can I steal some policy ideas from you before my piano lesson?

WWIII postponed until new climate agreement is reached!

World leaders have promised to be nice to each other and do up the house so that it can be put on the market before the bottom drops out of property – which is theft, by the way. The latest think tank has moved into a broom cupboard in Islington-under-stairs in order to keep it’s ear to the ground and it’s stock market listing in the Cayman Islands.

All of which has nothing to do with the big issues! Apart from them being more expensive because its the Bumper Xmas one – which is out on the street where you live right now!

Ho Ho …Oh Oh!

rudolph the red nosed reindeer - a satirical cartoon by MacD of politoons

more soon from the lips of the mouth of the source of the river flowing through the echoes of my mind’s eye.


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x macd

(ps. thanks for the inspiration:)

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