The Enigma Deviations is out in a large print edition! (+ that caption comp BTW!)

The Enigma Deviations

The Enigma Deviations by Mac D

on the phone by macdIt’s out! Shelves of stocking stuffing chuckles in print for the first time!

Wondering what to get for the person who has to get everything? Why not bring a smile to their furrowed brow with ‘The Enigma Deviations’? A compendium of hidden treasures; jokes and drawings that lie waiting beneath the covers like your favourite album – or possibly your favourite person.

two office workers, one says to the other "Zero hours? Cool! when is zero hour? Shall we synchronize watches?"

The Enigma Deviations encapsulates 120 pages of single panel cartoon humour by Mac D, the man of mystery behind Politoons.

A 21 cm square coffee table book that looks as good off the shelf as it does on the train.

You won’t find The Enigma Deviations listed on Amazon or any other merchandising site. So order a single copy or multiple copies here – we can get them delivered to you within 5 working days from receipt of payment. Or if you can, visit Jam Records, in Falmouth Cornwall where you can pick up a copy straight away!

The Enigma Deviations, £10 plus p+p

(check out a currency converter here )


The Caption Competition

The 5th Cartoon Caption Competition will be announced on Wednesday December 10th, so here’s the toon waiting for your quip! leave your line in the box below!




5 thoughts on “The Enigma Deviations is out in a large print edition! (+ that caption comp BTW!)

    • Hi carl,
      Yes i know what you mean about the new yorker. Don’t know if youfollow Bob Mankoff’s – cartoon editors – blog he’s started doing weekly video updates . The latest has the 10 best captions .
      Thanks for following too, good to see what youre up to

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