2014 a year in monthly rear view: The January Headlines


The year 2014 ended much as it ended last time, with the UNHIP party spelling bee being cancelled in a blistering attack on incorrect acronyms.politoons-new-logo1-940-198-blue-sm

Back in January 2014 Politoons reported on:

The former UK’s MIGRATION BOTCH foundation who ACCUSED BULGA-ROMANIANS OF a sinister CLIMATE CHANGE PLOT!MacD cartoon in indian ink style, ebook coming soon in 2013

Bulgarians and Romanians have decided not to come to Britain until weather conditions improve, as a low or “no” pressure zone has hit the country. UKIP MEP’s have generally sounded positive notes (F#’s and B flats mostly) about the chances of their Lord and Creator Nigel the Great of Basildon becoming the spiritual leader of a non-european Pound Shop trading hub. Exports to and from the hub will be delivered in person by British nationals who might otherwise emigrate to Abu Dabi for the chance to work for peanuts on the building of lego bricked imitations of great world cultural attractions. These include helter-skelter rides in the shape of Winston Churchill designed by Zhahaha Hadeetz, and Olympic size swimming pools filled with alternating layers of oil and desalinated water from Normal Fosterers Architectural Practice-till-we-get-it-right Partnership located in a B and Q shed somewhere near Neasdon.

to read the full report on this, the hate speech of Bile-gel Barrage and more click here

tune in tomorrow for what made up the headlines in February 2014!

meanwhile here’s some regular Poli-features:

free e-cards here’s the latest:poli-card-beards-macd-sm

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