2014 a year in monthly rear views: February


February 2014 saw an increase in questionable pet imagery across the interwoven community. Politoons was amongst the first to download and investigate the modern day cult of pussy worship.

Cat Porn Fears Escalate!cat-flap-macd-sm

Video clips of cats and small babies doing inane things continue to take up valuable information space on the inter-web. Even this column is not immune from the postings of ‘cat-porn’ by multi-media enthusiasts with more bandwidth than they know what to do with. People are increasingly desperate to find free things to share on social networking sites in order to feel that although they have little to say, their lives are justified and their existence still palatable to the rest of human society.

to read more about this as well as topics like: Amazin Drones,the Lego Film, Straight Sex Olympics, and Phone Hacking, see the full February feature click here

tune in for March and April in tomorrow’s 2014 rear view!

meanwhile here’s some regular Poli-features:

e-greets for e-peeps! free e-cards poli-card-beards-macd-sm

Politoons latest publication “The Enigma Deviations”

and the wonderfully irregular Politoons Caption Contest!



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and as always, poli-card-humour-eng-macd


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