your 2014 monthly year end rear views: March and April

March saw Investment funds freeze in the spring thaw of relations between East, West, North and South, while in April long running tensions in Ukrainian elastic bond markets sprang back into the Red Top’s headlinespolitoons-new-logo1-940-198-pink-72.

Pension Piddle Proves Punishment for Plebsyou-keep-it-macd-sm

It has begun to dawn on citizens of every income bracket that the pension funds making billions from buying up businesses and firing everyone before dividing up the company and putting most of it into receivership, have no interest in paying people back the money they have put in over their years of saving for retirement.

Gold plated pension are having the gold they are plated with scratched off and melted down to make offshore hedge funds where the money disappears faster than a Japanese Bit-coin exchange. The remaining zinc alloy pensions are only good for making matchbox size toy car models of the automobiles pensioners had been dreaming they would be able to drive around in after they retired.

Cold War Resumed in attempt to Combat Global Warmingantarctic-dump-macd-sm

After succeeding in the Olympian feat of staging the Olympics, Russian foreign policy strategists have suggested that the solution to global warming and the melting of ski slopes is the invasion the country next door. While considering a bid to hold the summer Olympics in Siberia circa 2030 because of rising global temperatures, Russia’s new bare chested bareback riding power Tsar has extended the hand of war to it’s neighbour on the edge of “Urup”

Music News is the same as it was 40 years ago study finds!musicians1-macd-sm

Aging rock stars turned out in force to deny, and then confirm, rumours that they would be headlining at Glastonbury Festival this year. Some threatening to come out of retirement, and others threatening to return from the dead (This is understood to refer to the “Grateful Dead” a San Franciscan free love band famous for powerful rock ballads such as “Drums in Space” who managed to continue living like hippies well into the 21st century)

for more on March 2014 Madness including the Middle Age Budget Squeeze, the first of many missing planes, and how youth unemployment is the new child labour in this Politoons year end rear view click here

tune in for June and July’s in the next 2014 rear end review!

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