Final Year end rear view for 2014: Remember the Fall of 2014? Or “Autumn” if you prefer (pedant!)


There was that pesky Kilt-ic referendum, the rise of Egyptian godesses, even spam trouble amongst internet giants to escape the real news through:

here’s a slice:


President Obamathon – now in the salad days of office has found his time as a ‘world leader’ to be blessed with over-reactive elements within his administration – like phosphorous which is fine until it comes into contact with water. While ISIS the Egyptian god of something – but not pyramids – has decided to take over a bit of this country and a bit of that one, creating new borders along lines drawn in the sand by water courses long before people discovered chalk and boards, and had to ask permission to go to the toilet.

Comms Giants Junk Test!wifi hell by macd

Email account holders woke up with a shock today to find their spam folders empty, and no junk mail in their in boxes. Communication giants YaFU, BotMail, and Amazathon admitted that a technical error meant that for the first time since the internet was discovered millions of users did not receive unwanted mail. Many have since complained, suggesting that unwanted email is their only link to the outside world, and are threatening to litigate against companies that fail to maintain a reasonable supply of unwelcome solicitations.



and there’s all of the rest to get through, so you can scroll through from here for everything that leaves the last of 2014 behind as we dive into the murky waters of 2015, when, just as predicted, the year of 2014 was over by Christmas (well, close enough)

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