breaking news – UK PM interviews German Chancellor today in the hope of replacing his own

on the phone by macd

David Cameron interviews Foreign Chancellors in the hope of replacing his own


Film Director James Cameron’s brother Dave is meeting the German’s Chancellor today in an attempt to find someone who really counts to fill the desk at the Treasury usually occupied by someone who can’t. Headless finances have been all the rage in fashion houses around the world. The world along with it’s economy has shrunk and this in turn is having a devastating effect on oil prices, which pundits say there is far too much of resulting in a shrinking global crisis. The British PM, in an attempt to look like he is doing something with all the power and “ting” he has, has put up vacancy notices in search of a financial replacements at job centers across borderless Urup. Government media hypists suggest that the Prime Minister has taken the initiative before his own potential replacements start initiating things for themselves.

osborne and cameron discuss time being money, macd2013

Greece’s Finance Ministers, French Bankers, Italian Art Patrons, Swedish Models and Pole Positionists amongst others are being auditioned today as the finalists are whittled down for an expected phone in vote and judges final decision in May.

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