Revenge of the cartoons #1

Perhaps you are here in search of cartoons. You will find them. Satirical writing? That too. After a pause to think, these things are slowly sifting back into the mix.


We are at the stage where those who used/use humour to think are being threatened by those who use violence to shape the world into their own image. We’ve been here an infinite number of times, long before language even. What survives in the oldest artifacts and evidence of consciousness undoubtedly are as illustrative of what was held in irreverace as much as reverance. Makers are thinkers, they leave caricatures in the high unnoticed arches of the world’s holy shrines, they carve fornicators and defacators for us to muse over amongst the piettas and masterpieces of religious commons.

Today, in these last days we note the ruck of shuffling bodies moving through the world at modern breakneck speeds, technology has thrust the world toward mass communication, and the ideologies of control cannot cope with the exodus of people from beneath the yolk of censorship. It is time to talk.

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