Recyclo-toons, last year’s buzzword was ‘free'(©2014 all rights reserved)

World governments curb abuse of the word ‘free’!

police-state-visit-macd-smWorld governments intend to curb abuse of the word ‘free’dom in a bid to clarify the term’s use in financial markets and advertising campaigns.

“Freedom of speech is fine as long as you don’t keep going on about it!” Said an exasperated government spokesperson today squawking like a bird strung up by its legs on a chicken wing assembly line. Today’s governments have come to realize the confusion amongst first time non-voters regarding use of the word ‘free’ in so many different areas of both their public and their un-private lives.  After research by a right wing linguistic ink tank, studies have begun to emerge that show the public is less and less likely to believe that something is really ‘free’ because so many free offers come with strings attached, or more usually, an obligatory lifetime commitment to believing everything you are told without having so much as a pause for thought.

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