Short Breaking news – Plain Packaging to be trialed in election campaigns!

Plain Packaging rules to be used in Election Campaign!

Politicians around the world have broadly welcomed the idea of not being identifiable to voters in future election campaigns. Research shows that the spread of voting across parties is relatively unchanged, even when whom people vote for comes as a complete surprise.elections in modern times by macd

Seeing this as an opportunity to make voting more fun – like scratch cards – election reformists insist that if we must pretend to be a democracy and have elections, then more people are likely to engage if there is a chance of winning something for themselves.

The coming UKIsland plc elections could be the first to offer £10 spot prizes with scratch card ballot papers and online betting sites where voters could find themselves in line to win a range of cash and other prizes, such as lottery funded NHS services or free University places for friends and loved ones.ukip monster elections by macd

Look out for the next full issue of Politoons landing on your virtual doorstep on Monday February 2nd!

for more on Politoons, attendant paraphernalia, etc. click here


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