POlitOOns February 2015 #5 part 1

UK Government to introduce Caption Tax on Intellectual Property under 140 characters long!

politoons-new-logo1-940-198-72The current co-inhibition government has introduced new election policies in an attempt to confuse people even further. The people running the country who hate each other have proposed an unfairer but equal “Caption Tax” where word bubbles over 140 characters long would be taxed at source, and then even more so depending on how they trend.  Treasury proponents insist that this is a very workable idea, if only because it means nothing, and people unlikely to vote will have to work even harder and for less as they try to figure out what the government means by all this.

Labelled the “Twit Tax” by new media pundits who can’t make a living out of their addiction for love nor money, Government and Opposition leaders today were told by their media gurus to listen in on focus groups who represent the “commonest” of people.  Concentrating on the two issues expected to dominate the next election: A) greedy rich people who live in big houses, and B) fear of not being able to afford prolonged illness or death, the coming election in three month time has forced those in and out of government to focus on focus groups for a record ump-teenth time.holiday-doghouse-macd-sm

Having thought up the Mansion Tax as a fair representation of what people would like to happen without having to think too hard, the ghost chancellor has announce unique opposition party plans to tell everyone what their plans are should they be elected.  This has galvanized the grass roots – though some argue it’s simply the onset of spring – into a new shooting spree involving the seeds of an idea combined with a watered down approach to the blossoming property market.
how the welfare secretary sleeps at night by macd
“Not knowing what we stand for is not necessarily a weakness in the electorate!” said Ghost Chancellor Ed BallBoy before running down the street proclaiming:. “Anyone who cares will tell you that they don’t know what any of the political parties stand for anyway!”

Frozen Food Follows Fuel in Energy Phase Out!

Concern has mounted horses recently as the international community decides to privatize it’s social status in light of it’s utter helplessness in the face of superpower struggles. One super powered country that can see through walls and turn ordinary matter into ice has already threatened to freeze food costs and open a chain of stores across Europe selling crystalised nutrients to consumers. Subsidized by government tax reforms, consumers will pay less for food that is frozen while spending more on keeping it that way until they get around to eating it. Promised power cuts have also knee jerked the oil industry into action. Spokespersons say the industry has already lowered costs as little as they can, showing how committed they are to the expense of everything else.

More February Supplements over the coming days, so tune in, follow, feed, and generally spread the butter, …I mean word!

Meanwhile, here’s the regular features:

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