Poli-flash #5 news supplement, feb 2015

Russian Bombers Invade British Aerospace!

Having taken the wrong flight path to Stansted, two Russian planes found themselves circling over the English channel having realized the cabin crew’s luggage had been loaded onto the wrong airline. Apologizing to the RAF tornadoes scrambled to intercept them, the Russians offered a range of duty free items including Vodka and a shrinking collection of Matroyska Dolls to the defensive British pilots. Air France was also affected, where a government spokesperson assured cartoonists that everything would be done to protect those who wished to comment on the incident.boom-boom-14-12-14macd-sm


FIFA’s Blatt probes into Match Fixing Facts!

In sport Seb Blahblah Blatter the president of Soccer is fighting rivals for his position as chief bribe-maker at the top of the so called sporting government’s body. With only ex-footballers as rivals, he expects to announce his own succession, having gone on a weekend course in political survival run by a crack team of Russian presidential dynasticians. Meanwhile players in the English game curtsey after stamping on each other’s ankles in a rare show of support for referees  accused of making controversial, if not life changing decisions. Team managers are furious at this unmanly show of protest, refusing to speak with the 200,000 pound a week players, storming down wind tunnels without speaking to the media, and feeling humiliated in front of thousands of fans who had previously mortgaged their homes and given up their children’s university places in order to feel like part of a team.footy_birdcage_kick_mdweb

more up to date flashes as things continue to kick off,
keep your plane spotting eyes peeled for more national and international Politoons news
Don’t forget the 7th Cartoon Caption Contest drawing to a close february 8th!
and the rest
clown-gun-no-tear-sm-mdcheers for now,

please credit all text and images © macd



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