Some headlines to occupy yourself – if not somewhere else – this week

Solar impulse embarks on world tour with excess human baggage!

(um… don’t worry, I don’t think anyone will notice, ed)


Hilary pilloried over  impersonal email irresponsibility!

“I did not have sex with that man, Jeremy Clark-Paxman!”

Universal Debt tops Universal Credit for first time as Government contols bite!

(at least it’s still universal…)

Stationer’s Stock Paper Trail leads straight to SamCam’s Toilet Roll Honours List!

The leader of the opposition spends some quality time with family

Teenage Travel hits Legal Wrangle as Syria Wangles anti terrorist angle!

We got to Syria only to find our luggage had ended up in Sydney!

“My sis joined ISIS!” is the jist of missed girl’s wish list! Insist Police Force Apologists!

 Apple Apostles Apoplectic as CIA unpeels MacBook’s least secreted  sacred secrets!

(No logos were harmed in the making of this headline, ed.)

Tune in for more soon, in the meantime why not

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