My Day Off – episode 11 link to podcast

politoons-new-logo1-940-198-72Bit of a mix up at the station so here’s the unadulterated podcast version MY DAY OFF EPISODE 11 

Howdy – and don’t forget Doodey too! it’s time for the surrealistic  noncommittal plagiarism of thought processes known as My Day Off to offend your ear defenses with the shock and awe of a fast as the speed of light or your service provider will allow.
my day off - the new radio show from MacD

Yes it’s episode 10 of the 15 minute freak show, so batten down your seat belts and clip on your hatches for the free ride of shared consciousness that will take you to 2pm GMT without batting an eyelid.

check out more info and older episodes eternally stored on the infernal web right here right now!
x macd

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